The splendour, aesthetics and techniques of the Renaissance relive in the design and solutions characterising the Firenze kitchen. Lines that evoke stately architectures while concealing in-depth research and planning, for a rational management of space that does not subtract from the overall beauty. And with the best materials available nowadays, capable of enduring time like the beautiful creations of that glorious era.




Finishes and colours



Technical sheet

Structure: Carcase in white melamine and 1mm ABS front profile, class E1. On request visible sides in white melamine.
Upon request, it is possible to have visible sides in the same finish as the doors (white larch, dark oak, red larch and honey lacquered larch).
Doors: Doors with solid larch frame and larch veneered panel, lacquered in white, dark oak, red and honey colour.
Glass doors with solid larch frame lacquered in white, dark oak, red and honey color, glasses available in the etched finish or with white or red patterns.
Drawers: Veneered in larch; white, dark oak, red and honey colour lacquered.
Plinth: In PVC alluminium H 15.
Accessories: Lighted glass shelves with LED.


Handle: Bronze and brass shaded with ceramic insert.
Accessories: Veneered frame for above wall unit; ribbed back panel for boiserie composition; under unit elements in wood.

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