Oceano 22 means depth, elegance, emotion. A ductile stretch of water, capable of fitting our personality. A series of compositions featuring minimalist design, where your ideas take shape and materialise in the materials proposed.
Oceano 22 is pure Zen philosophy to escape from the world; it’s a space of order, peacefulness and freedom.

Nature harmoniously melts and merges amid appearance and functionality.
In Oceano 22, everything has its own space and beauty becomes a synonym for practicality and efficiency. An icon of simple sophistication with a unique and original distinguishing trait. Oceano 22 reawakens subconscious suggestions, the free spirit of the sea.

The home environment becomes unique, without distinction, featuring fine wood finishes crafted with painstaking care for details for original kitchens and living rooms.
The neatness due to the total absence of handles makes the finishes stand out, in a game of contrasts. Materials feature an absolute aesthetic value and are easy to clean, because in Oceano 22, nothing is left to fate. Like the unbridled strength of the ocean, the kitchen breaks through and becomes a basic furnishing component.
Modern, luminous, with beguiling lacquered finishes, with steel that makes design a natural element.

The rules of exigencies and the dictates of taste, a painstaking care for details. For a youthful kitchen where time and space become a journey of no return.
Compositions which fulfill every dimensional and structural need.




Doors and drawer fronts glossy finish

Doors and drawer fronts plain coloured matt finish

Doors and drawer fronts cement finish

Doors and drawer fronts wood matt finish

Doors and drawer fronts tranché finish

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