Innovative project with an urban character and refined finishing for this kitchen, a series of layouts for contemporary living.
River, thanks to the recessed profile and framed door, reinvents kitchen design, combining the highest aesthetic expression and maximum functionality.

Artistic design for river compositions, the kitchen opens up to new perspectives of taste, both pure and essential. The handles disappear, giving full space to the beauty of the framed door. Steel details give light to the modules, tracing technical, contemporary lines.
Furnishing solutions designed to optimise spaces, giving the room an absolute sense of order and cleanliness.
Pure lines, quality materials, and impeccable workmanship.
Simple but important ingredients of a winning recipe.

Atmosphere, functionality, and style. Integrated lighting makes the most of the counter space, with beautiful results.





Finishes and colours of the doors

Finishes and colours of the glass doors

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