Vega is the modern kitchen that offers solutions for every needs, the living space is open-space style that ensures uniformity of taste and style. The new finishes STONE BEIGE, OAK WOOD, SILVER FIR AND WHITE, are the absolute protagonists of this kitchen project. The design and texture material of the doors create a unique body with the work top of the same finishing. The modern open ZIG-ZAG elements and the VEGA peninsula, available in all the finishes, complete the compositions with functional elegance.






Technical sheet

Structure: white melamine panels with low formaldehyde content class E1, V100 water repellent.Thickness 18 mm with front edge in ABS thick 1 mm. On request you can have the structure in wood blockboard with white laminate
Door: Door in Stone Beige laminate and melamine Oak Wood,Silver Fir andMDF door smooth matt lacquered in white RAL 9016, cream RAL 1013, dove gray NCS s3005-Y50R, anthracite NCS S7500-N, Red Ral 3005, Red Ral 3001, Orange Ral 2008, Wisteria NCS 2010-R70B, Ochre NCS S2060 -Y10R, Grey Cloud NCS S2502-Y, Mud NCS S5005-Y50R and Grey lead NCS S5502-Y
Handle: one body with door.
Worktops: Top R Vega height 5 cm, in the colors Beige Stone, Oak Wood, Silver Fir and White.
Finishing sides: Available in the colors and materials of the doors.
Rebate profile: Available in Stone Beige,Silver Fir, White and matt lacquer the same colour of the doors.
Plinth: Anthracite, White or Aluminium H.10
 Doors with solid larch frame and larch veneered panel, lacquered in white, dark oak, red and honey colour.
Glass doors with solid larch frame lacquered in white, dark oak, red and honey color, glasses available in the etched finish or with white or red patterns.
Drawers: Veneered in larch; white, dark oak, red and honey colour lacquered.
Plinth: In PVC alluminium H 15.
Accessories: Lighted glass shelves with LED.


Handle: Bronze and brass shaded with ceramic insert.
Accessories: Veneered frame for above wall unit; ribbed back panel for boiserie composition; under unit elements in wood.

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