A breath of sea

Vela stands for inspiration, movement, slow and majestic entrance; technique and craftsmanship, light touch and practicality. A new way of interpreting the kitchen, characterised by a marked formal neatness. A minimalist design defined by the absence of all that is superfluous, including handles. Because when you sail the sea, you only take the bare necessities.
A balanced whole of exactness and creativity, style stems from the freedom to furnish space with items perfectly complementing each other, to enjoy the kitchen in absolute harmony. An image of elegance and modernity, like a sail waving in the wind.

The absence of handles creates a marked formal neatness and allows a seamless overview. Easy to clean and practical to use: Vela is perfect for your every need. A well-organised environment makes everything easier and smoother, like a wake.




Finishes and colours of the doors

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